Mudroom Resurfacing

Parging Applications

Did you know Flexstone isn't just for outdoor surfaces? It can be used for parging as well! Parging with Flexstone is a great option if you need to patch up your walls and are looking for a long-lasting, low-maintenance solution. Flexstone also helps protect the surface of your home from erosion. It's a great way to spruce up the look of your home without breaking the bank.
In addition to being a durable exterior coating, Flexstone also has high compressive strength and low permeability, which means it can withstand harsh weather conditions like freezing temperatures or heavy rainfalls. Flexstone is an excellent option for parging projects because it will last longer than competing coatings.

The weather in Canada can be a little unpredictable. It can be cold, it can be hot, and it can be wet. When your home is exposed to the elements, it's only a matter of time before its exterior begins to deteriorate and crack. If you are looking for a durable and flexible waterproof coating system for your home, Flexstone is a perfect choice!
At Pro Surfaces, we know that parge coating can be a difficult and expensive project, so we've created a waterproof coating system that is durable, flexible, UV-resistant and strong enough to withstand harsh Canadian climates. This innovative eco-friendly urethane coating product is perfect for parging projects!
Flexstone will retain its flexibility for decades in extreme heat or below-freezing temperatures, making it one of the most durable urethane coating products on the market today. These features and its other benefits make Flexstone waterproof membranes one of the most durable urethane coating products on the market today.
Flexstone can be applied to almost any surface in your home: sidings, columns, arches or even windows. It's available in different colours and finishes to create visual appeal on almost any surface. Flexstone offers homeowners a one-of-a-kind protection system for their homes that will last for many years. 
If you're looking for a solution to keep your home safe from the elements, look no further than Flexstone!

Key Features & Benefits

Industrial Grade

Flexstone systems are designed and tested for industrial strength. It can easily withstand heavy machinery and is resistant to nearly any chemical.

Maintenance Free

Flexstone can easily reach 10-20 years of maintenance free use on a driveway before wearing down & needing repair.

Easy To Repair

Flexstone bonds to itself easily, making repairs and re-coats easy and quick.

Canadian Weatherproof

Originally designed for ski resorts, your Flexstone membrane will remain flexible and waterproof, but also impervious to salt applications and snow removal solutions no matter how cold it gets.


Because Flexstone is the longest lasting industrial surface coating on the market, you won’t need to replace it - EVER. On top of that, Pro Surfaces offers financing options, allowing you to install now and pay later.

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