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When you need to resurface your driveway, walkway or cement pad, Flexstone is the perfect solution. Flexstone can be used on virtually any surface to create a smooth, nonslip surface that will last for years—and withstand everything from heavy foot traffic to harsh weather conditions.
Flexstone is an attractive and versatile industrial-strength urethane waterproof membrane designed to take heavy abuse. This makes it an outstanding solution for any driveway, walkway or cement pad resurfacing job. Flexstone is a flexible, waterproof membrane that can be installed over existing surfaces such as concrete pads, residential driveways, commercial parking lots, walkways, sidewalks and patios as a protective cover for areas where moisture may cause problems.

Flexstone coatings are the best alternative to traditional membranes on the market. It is easier to apply, longer-lasting and simply looks better! 
The Flexstone system is easy to protect your investment in concrete slabs by preventing cracking, spalling and water damage caused by moisture penetration from freezing temperatures. Flexstone creates a protective layer between your cement surface and the elements. This layer helps prevent water from seeping through cracks in the concrete slab, causing it to freeze and thaw, which causes cracks in the slab and requires costly repairs such as replacing broken slabs or potholes in driveways or sidewalks.
The key to Flexstone's superior performance is its unique blend of versatile materials that form a protective barrier between surfaces and harsh elements like water and ice. As a result, Flexstone provides unsurpassed protection against water infiltration—allowing water to run off rather than seep into concrete surfaces.
We offer a variety of colours and finishes to choose from, so you'll be able to find something that matches your home perfectly. We can also add an extra layer of sand in the top coat of your driveway, walkway or cement pad to help prevent it from getting slippery in the winter months!
If you're looking for something that's going to stand out, be safe and last as long as possible, you need Flexstone.

Key Features & Benefits

Industrial Grade

Flexstone systems are designed and tested for industrial strength. It can easily withstand heavy machinery and is resistant to nearly any chemical.

Maintenance Free

Flexstone can easily reach 10-20 years of maintenance free use on a driveway before wearing down & needing repair.

Easy To Repair

Flexstone bonds to itself easily, making repairs and re-coats easy and quick.

Canadian Weatherproof

Originally designed for ski resorts, your Flexstone membrane will remain flexible and waterproof, but also impervious to salt applications and snow removal solutions no matter how cold it gets.


Because Flexstone is the longest lasting industrial surface coating on the market, you won’t need to replace it - EVER. On top of that, Pro Surfaces offers financing options, allowing you to install now and pay later.

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