Deck Resurfacing

Deck Coating Applications

PRO Surfaces has the longest-lasting and most durable deck coating on the market. Entirely waterproof, seamless, and utterly beautiful, Flexstone is an ideal product for decks. 
You don't have to worry about staining your deck or refinishing it every few years, Flexstone is the perfect alternative. This durable coating will last for decades without chipping or peeling, even when exposed to harsh weather conditions like rain and sun! It's resistant to stains and scratches, and it's easy to clean. Flexstone is also slip-resistant, so you can rest assured that your deck will be safe even in wet conditions. Flexstone can be used to restore old or damaged surfaces as well as protect new ones from damage caused by weather and wear and tear.

Our Flexstone urethane coating is hand-troweled on and self-levelling over any ridges and bumps to create a smooth, seamless surface. It also bonds to itself, making any repairs extremely quick and easy. 
Flexstone is a durable material that can be applied directly to wood, metal, concrete, stone and drywall surfaces. It can also be applied over old coatings. The coating is waterproof, flexible, and provides excellent protection against the elements. The quick and easy installation process and its easy maintenance make Flexstone the ideal choice for any deck coating project.
The unique Flexstone formula combines high-quality acrylic with an advanced urethane system that has been proven effective in all climates. This allows Flexstone to provide maximum protection against mould growth, mildew and UV damage while maintaining its flexibility even in extreme temperatures. This ensures it will stand up to harsh winters, torrential rains and blistering heat. It’s basically just about as tough as anybody who lives in Saskatchewan. 
Whether it’s a small deck or a multi-tiered, wraparound deck project, we’ve got you covered!

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Key Features & Benefits

Maintenance Free

Flexstone can easily reach 20-30 years of maintenance free use before wearing down & needing repair.

Easy To Repair

Flexstone bonds to itself easily, making repairs and re-coats easy and quick.

100% Waterproof

Flexstone is CCMC approved for flat roofs & roof decks, making it the most versatile waterproof solution on the market today.

Canadian Weatherproof

Originally designed for ski resorts, your Flexstone membrane will remain flexible and waterproof, but also impervious to salt applications and snow removal solutions no matter how cold it gets.


Sand can be added to your Flexstone finish - indoors or out - giving your surfaces added traction and making it safer for you and your loved ones.