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About Terrafuse

Terrafuse Inc. is a Canadian based manufacturer and developer of concrete restoration mortars, overlays and specialized decorative coatings. Terrafuse has excelled in the concrete restoration industry since 2008. Terrafuse has taken a solution based approach to developing advanced construction materials.
Terrafuse is perfect for repairing and rebuilding crumbling stairs and edges, fixing cracks in cement floors, and building up grading around houses. We most often use it to repair concrete prior to applying a surface coating, but Terrafuse can also be used as a standalone product.
TF90 Polyaspartic is a fast curing, two-component polyaspartic coating that is UV stable. It will bond with many different substrates and hold it's form extremely well once cured. TF 90 is designed for UV stability, high chemical and abrasion resistance, high hardness, and high flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can Terrafuse be used?

    On any concrete surface that needs resurfacing. We can either patch specific areas or resurface the entire area.
    It is commonly used to patch stairs, driveways, and garage floors.

  • How well does it bond to concrete?

    Terrafuse bonds extremely well to concrete, but concrete is porous. Just like traditional overlays, water will eventually seep between the original concrete and the overlay, causing a separation. When used in combination with Flexstone, our waterproof coating system, it can last indefinitely (at least 20 years).

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