About Flexstone

Flexstone is a durable, flexible, eco-friendly, and cold applied waterproofing and protective coating that was originally designed to stand up to the harsh conditions on Ski Resorts. It is versatile, long-lasting, seamless, and resistant to freezing temperatures and heavy traffic. The finish coats are also 100% UV stable and fade resistant.
Flexstone is applicable over a range of different surfaces including plywood, concrete, and even torch-on sbs roofing. Fully approved for use over living space (ie. flat roofs and decks) in all of Canada by CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Center), Flexstone has undergone and passed all the same tests as Torch-on SBS roofing.

Flexstone boasts unrivalled durability, affordability, and seamless beauty. It's ability to remain flexible and 100% waterproof throughout Canada's harshest climates makes Flexstone ideal for decks, roofdecks, mudrooms, and aquatic surfaces. Don't let it's beauty fool you, Flexstone is also durable enough for use in industrial warehouses under forklifts and other heavy machinery. Flexstone is also chemical resistant, protecting your garage, steps, walkway, and driveway from salt and most chemical spills.



All surfaces must be cleared of objects & debris, repaired wherever necessary, and swept or power washed before product application.

Base Coat

A thick, trowel applied, base coat of a premium water-catalyzed urethane is hand troweled on. It cures to a firm but flexible and rubbery finish that can withstand extreme heat, extreme cold, and retains it’s flexibility for the lifespan of the surface it adheres to. For applications directly onto cement, a special primer base coat can be used instead.


Acrylic Flakes

Blended acrylic flakes are used to create the textured stone aggregate finish. These are broadcast by hand onto the still sticky base coat. Once fully dry, the excess flakes are collected, and the top coat is applied.

Top Coat

A one part UV stable aliphatic urethane clear coat is rolled on to provide the durability, flexibility, and extreme wear resistance Flexstone is known for. Sand or aggregate can be added to provide a grippy, slip resistant surface texture.

Please allow 24 hours after final coat before walking on your new Flexstone surface, and 48 hours before allowing vehicles on it.

Flexstone Concrete Finishes

Popular Finish Options












Rocky Grey


Sidewalk Grey


Ash Brown


Monterey Sand

More finishing options are available depending on availability. Speak to a sales representative for color samples and more information about special order colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get Flexstone for my house?

    Simply click the "get a quote" button, or call our office to setup an appointment with a sales representative in your area. They will come to your house or business and measure the area you want the Flexstone installed. They will be sure to include all details and photos in their notes that will be required by the installers. You should receive a quote in your email within 24-48 hours. If you choose to move forward with your new project, you can simply click the "accept the estimate" button, and arrange to pay the 40% deposit so that your project can be scheduled!

  • How long will my Flexstone surface last?

    Flexstone on a residential sundeck will last indefinitely, but 20-30 years can be achieved easily. On industrial or vehicular applications, the membrane may begin to wear down after heavy traffic, but even then you will get at least 10 – 15 years out of the membrane before any repairs or re-top coating is required. The longevity of our product is why it is so easy for us to warranty.

  • What types of surfaces can Flexstone be applied to?

    The Flexstone base coat can be applied over almost any surface and maintains a tremendous bond with the substrate for decades. These surfaces include new plywood, concrete, torch-on roofing, metal, and fiberglass. 
    At Pro Surfaces we do not recommend applying Flexstone to newer treated wood as we have found it can bubble.

  • How is Flexstone in the winter?

    Flexstone performs great in the winter! You can shovel it, use the snow blower on it & de-ice it all you want, but we don't recommend using an ice pick on it. 

  • Is Flexstone slippery?

    Both the textured stone finish and standard colour coat finish have a good amount of traction. 
    We add a silica sand into the top coat. Applicators can simply add more or less to get the amount of traction that makes sense for your job. The textured stone finish is made up of acrylic chips broadcasted into the surface. These are sanded before applying a clear coat. The amount of sanding dictates the coarseness of your surface so homeowners can get the right amount of grit for their needs. 
    If you want to be sure that your surface is extra textured, let your sales representative know so that they can make a note for the installation team. You can also confirm this with the Project Manager.

  • What is the warranty for Flexstone?

    Flexstone products are warranty varies from 10-20 years depending on traffic / abuse / applications etc. Most Flexstone dealers will offer an extended warranty that covers any problems with workmanship, but regardless, we have your back and are proud to stand by our amazing coatings.

  • Is Flexstone Eco-Friendly?

    Flexstone is entirely eco-friendly for a variety of different reasons. First, the base coat is 100% solvent-free (water catalyzed). This property allows it to be applied over existing coatings, other urethanes can not do this because the solvents will dissolve the membrane below. This feature allows building and homeowners to apply the product over old vinyl, urethane, or fiberglass membranes; keeping roof and deck debris out of our landfills. Secondly, the UV stability and reflective nature of the finish coats save on building energy costs. This means that air conditioning units run for a fraction of the time during warmer months and the seamless insulation properties of the product retain building heat in during the colder months.

  • What types of approvals does Flexstone have?

    Flexstone is fully approved by CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Center) for use on flat roofs. Because there is no designation for sundeck approvals in Canada, Flexstone was exposed to the harsh testing associated with flat roof membranes. The product passed with flying colours and is now eligible for any waterproofing application over living space. The product also has the equivalent of these approvals in California, US.

  • If I manage to damage my Flexstone surface, can it be repaired?

    Unlike vinyl decking or epoxy finishes, repairs to Flexstone are incredibly simple. Say for example, you drop a red-hot charcoal briquette on your Flexstone deck, and the coal burns an unsightly scar into it. The area can simply be sanded, wiped down with a solvent, and then flexstone can be re-applied. 
    Lets take a look at a more extreme example. Say you are doing a little carpentry and you accidentally saw through your membrane to the plywood or concrete below. We can simply take a very small amount of base coat, fill the crack or gouge, and then re apply the chips and finish coat. 
    One thing to note, your top coat will look shinier than the rest of your deck for about a year until it blends in.

  • Can I change the color of my Flexstone Surface?

    Fortunately, Flexstone simply does not wear out for decades, so it does not need to be torn off and re-coated when a client decides to change colours. Say you had a sidewalk grey sundeck done on your home. Several years later you have your house painted brown and want to update your deck colour to the brown textured stone finish. We simply roll out a top coat, broadcast our chips into it, and top off with a clear coat. The base coat stays put and your costs are minimal.

  • How does Flexstone's compare to Epoxy for garage floors?


  • How does Flexstone compare to Vinyl products like DuraDeck? **


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