Traffic Coatings


Because of the application, durability and versatility of Flexstone coatings, Flexstone use has expanded to more industrial and commercial needs. One of these applications is for traffic coatings in vehicle parkades, suspended slabs, and garage floors.

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Vehicle parkades and slabs located above underground parking lots require long-lasting coatings to prevent leakage. Leaks in concrete foundations and underground lots result in cracking and rusting of the re-bar in the concrete. This can compromise the structure of a building.

It is not worth taking any chances with unproven coatings as the result of poor traffic coatings can be costly. 

The Flexstone system consists of a primer coat, which permanently adheres to the concrete, a thick base coat, a colour coat with aggregate broadcast into it for slip resistance, and finally a top coat.

Flexstone is applied thicker than other membranes. It will outlast any other traffic coatings on the market and is competitive in price. The product will not dry out or crack. Our coatings move with the natural shifts in a building's foundation. The Flexstone membrane will remain flexible and watertight for years even if the concrete cracks.