Flexstone's mission is for every deck in Canada to be coated with Flexstone - The world's best sundeck coating.

Since becoming Canada's source for Flexstone Coatings, it has been our mission to help consumers protect their decks and flat roofs from inefficient products and unfulfilled promises. 

All of our dealers across Canada are held to the highest possible standards that we have for our product.

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We are attempting to increase the availability of Flexstone Coatings in Canada, so that every homeowner can have available to them the best material for coating their deck.  We are continuously increasing our volume and distribution by bringing awareness of our supreme product to trusted deck companies and roofers in Canada.

There are still some areas that have little or no representation. We are hoping to make Flexstone a decking option available to everyone no matter where they live in Canada. 

It should be noted that Flexstone is fully CCMC approved as a protective and eco-friendly material for all decks and flat roofs across Canada.

Flexstone Coatings Inc. values a sincere, educational, and transparent approach to business. We value the satisfaction of our customers and see it as a measure of our success and we create business relationships with the future in mind.

Flexstone goal is to create, foster and maintain long-term and mutually beneficial business relationships with our dealers by providing them with consistent product quality, marketing support, leads, and technical support. In brief, we provide our dealers with everything they need to be successful. We work diligently to ensure that our qualified Flexstone applicators represent our brand in a positive light by providing superior service and skilled workmanship.

In addition to supporting our dealers, when we encounter prospects, we make education our key objective which is of course in the best interest of both parties.   We, proudly, have nothing to hide regarding our product and the benefits of handling it; so our business development is reflected in our educational approach to sales.

Flexstone's customers are always welcome to call us any time with questions or concerns and one of our trained experts will be happy to help. It is this customer-first mentality that has contributed to Flexstone flourishing across Canada.

It is refreshing to work with a company that values your business and will do whatever it takes to maintain a good working relationship.