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Horse Flooring in Regina

The unbelievable benefits of Polylast in agriculture

Owning a horse are one of the joys of life. Whether you are a serious horse enthusiast or a weekend rider, taking care of your horse is a priority. At Prosurfaces, we sought out the best specialty coatings for horse flooring – Polylast - safe, comfortable & better performing for your horse. As well as, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your facility - saving you time and money!
There are many benefits when using Prosurfaces' Polylast horse flooring product! Here are a few:


• Reduces leg impact shock and concussion on horse hooves, allowing horses with hoof and leg soreness to be more comfortable.
• Slip-resistant flooring to avoid injuries to horses.
• Horses don’t have to strain as much to maintain their footing they can be more relaxed.
• Prosurfaces’ Polylast horse flooring suppresses noise your horse will ride in a quieter atmosphere reducing stress on the move.
• Insulating factors of Prosurfaces’ Polylast horse flooring means that horses stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
• No need for bedding in trailers the horse will stay cleaner and breathe better.
• Prosurfaces’ Polylast flooring is infused with
Microban® Antimicrobial Technology.
• Preventing the growth of damaging bacteria.
• Inhibit stains and odours caused by bacteria.
• Stays cleaner longer between washings!

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Suggested Uses

• Horse trailer flooring• Wash rack flooring• Veterinary clinic flooring• Stall lining