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About Flexstone

Flexstone is a durable, flexible, eco-friendly, and cold applied waterproofing and protective coating that was originally designed to stand up to the harsh conditions on Ski Resorts. It is versatile, long-lasting, seamless, and resistant to freezing temperatures and heavy traffic. The finish coats are also 100% UV stable and fade resistant.
Flexstone is applicable over a range of different surfaces including plywood, concrete, and even torch-on sbs roofing. Fully approved for use over living space (ie. flat roofs and decks) in all of Canada by CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Center), Flexstone has undergone and passed all the same tests as Torch-on SBS roofing.

About Rubber Paving

Rubber paving is a low cost, long lasting alternative to replacing asphalt or concrete surfaces in poor condition due to heaving, cracking, or pitting. Rubber paving can be used to resurface most areas with no need to dig up and haul away your existing surfaces, reducing waste in landfills. Since rubber paving is flexible and able to move with shifting soil, it does not crack. If there is a tear in your rubber paving, it is easily fixable.
It is classified as a safety surface as it is incredibly slip-resistant - preventing injuries from occurring. It is also a permeable product, preventing ice buildup and water pooling on the surface. Additionally, rubber paving is a soft product that helps cushion the impact of any fall that does occur, making this product a triple threat when it comes to the winter conditions we face in Regina.