2 PRO Solutions

That Are Built Farm Tough

You need to be rugged to live on a farm - and the products you choose to use need to be just as tough. We pride ourselves in providing products that are not just built to withstand our harsh Canadian winters, but also built strong enough to last on your farm for decades. You may be looking for something as simple as a waterproof (and Kid proof) mudroom or deck, or a product that will be safer for you and your animals.
Pro Surfaces is a local company that has been serving Saskatchewan for over 7 years. Our goal is to help you reduce the amount of time you spend on maintenance, allowing you to spend more time with your family.

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Solution #1:

Introducing Flexstone

An attractive and versatile industrial-strengthened membrane designed to withstand everything from heavy machinery to chemical spills.

Flexstone’s three layer heavy-duty membrane adheres to nearly any substrate (concrete, plywood or existing membrane). The incredibly strong polyurethane base is self levelling - filling in cracks and low areas, and creating a smooth surface that is ready to be coated. This base coat is solvent-free and allows flexstone to bond permanently to the surface. Once level, Flexstone’s next-generation air-cured clear urethane top coat is applied over top of the decorative acrylic flakes to create a rugged mock-aggregate finish. Sand can then be added to increase traction, leaving you with a safe, permanent, low maintenance, and attractive floor that lasts a lifetime.

The Ideal Solution For..

    Mechanic Shops
    Utility Areas
    Roof Decks
    Enclosed Trailers
    Sled trailers
    Truck bed lining
    Front Entryways
    Vet Clinics
    Pet Groomers
    Commercial Applications

The Benefits of Flexstone

Industrial Grade

Flexstone systems are designed and tested for industrial strength. It can easily withstand heavy machinery and is resistant to nearly any chemical.

Maintenance Free

Flexstone can easily reach 20-30 years of maintenance free use before wearing down & needing repair.

Easy To Repair

Flexstone bonds to itself easily, making repairs and re-coats easy and quick.

100% Waterproof

Flexstone is CCMC approved for flat roofs & roof decks, making it the most versatile waterproof solution on the market today.

Canadian Weatherproof

Originally designed for ski resorts, your Flexstone membrane will remain flexible and waterproof, but also impervious to salt applications and snow removal solutions no matter how cold it gets.


Sand can be added to your Flexstone finish - indoors or out - giving your surfaces added traction and making it safer for you and your loved ones.


Because flexstone is the longest lasting industrial surface coating on the market, you won’t need to replace it - EVER. On top of that, Pro Surfaces offers financing options, allowing you to install now and pay later.

Easy to Clean

Flexstone reduces dust and debris, and is highly stain resistant - making cleanup a breeze! All you need to do to keep your surface looking clean and beautiful is to sweep and wash.


Looking for more information?

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Solution #2:

A Better Quality of Rubber Paving

Pro Surfaces is committed to providing the most innovative and best quality of products available. We provide multiple types of rubber paving to suit your needs. This allows us to provide the longest warranty on the market

Pro Surfaces rubber paving is applied by hand with the greatest care to provide the highest quality end result for your farm. Rubber paving is usually applied on top of a solid surface like pavement, concrete, or steel, but can also be applied onto well packed crushed rock.
We exclusively offer Polylast rubber paving infused with Microban® Antimicrobial Technology - proven to inhibit the growth of damaging microorganisms including bacteria, mold, and fungi. Keeping surfaces cleaner for longer, protecting the health of you and your animal.

Designed For Use In..

    Horse & Cattle Trailers
    Dog Kennels
    Vet Clinics
    Stables & Barns
    Swimming Pools
    Athletic Facilities
    Boat decks
    Play Areas & Structures
    Driveways & Parking Pads
    Steps & Walkways

The Benefits of Rubber Paving

Shock Absorbant

If a fall does occur, rubber paving provides cushioning, reducing the likelihood of injury.

Extremely Durable

with the best rubber granules and binder available on the market, your rubber paving projects will last longer!


The best slip-resistant safety surface available, rubber paving it is proven to significantly reduce slip and fall injuries for animals and humans alike.


Bedding Free

No need for bedding in trailers or stables, improving the health and cleanliness of your animals. No need to pull mats ever again!


Because we offer the longest lasting rubber paving on the market, you won’t need to replace it as often. On top of that, Pro Surfaces offers financing options, allowing you to install now and pay later.

Sound & Heat Insulating

Keeping your animals cool in the summer, warm in the winter and calm during transport.


When microbes come in contact with our Rubber paving, Microban® protection penetrates the cell wall of the microorganism and disrupts cell functions making the microorganism unable to function, grow and reproduce.


Rubber paving surfaces provide stability and cushioning for joints, making walking or standing for long durations easier and more comfortable.