Why is Flexibility Important with Felxstone?

Why is Flexibility Important with Felxstone?

When you are picking a waterproofing membrane for your outdoor surfaces, there are three main characteristics that you should consider: durability, waterproofing ability and flexibility. Waterproofing and durability are obvious things you want in a waterproofing membrane, but flexibility is often overlooked. Flexibility is essential in any climate, especially in Saskatchewan, where we see extreme temperatures in summer and winter. Flexstone has all the qualities you want in a waterproof surface coating, including flexibility! But why is flexibility important with flexstone? The experts at PRO Surfaces are here to tell you! Read on to learn more!

Why is Waterproofing Outdoor Surfaces Important? 

If you have a wood deck or flat roof over your living space, the space below must stay dry. Regardless of how solid your flat roof or deck looks and feels – inevitably, it will warp, shift, bow, swell and contract with the changing seasons. Wood absorbs moisture from its surrounding environment and then releases it in warmer or dryer temperatures. This causes it to expand, contract and shift. Because of this, the waterproofing membrane you choose to protect your outdoor surface must also be flexible to stand up to these expansions and contractions.

When waterproofing a concrete deck or patio, flexibility is still extremely important– especially in Saskatchewan, where we see freezing temperatures in the winter. Concrete is a great building material because of its durability, but it is rigid and has almost no flexibility. Over time, because of the seasons and other natural factors, concrete shifts and cracks. Concrete is very porous, so surfaces that are not properly waterproofed will absorb moisture. This will speed up the deterioration of your concrete deck or patio, causing cracks and other damage to form sooner. Properly waterproofing your concrete deck or patio with a flexible waterproofing membrane will help prevent water penetration and cracking by keeping moisture from penetrating the surface. There are many ways to waterproof your outdoor surfaces, and Flexstone is obviously the ideal way. Let's get into why!

What Should You Look For in a Waterproofing Membrane?

Flexibility: The waterproofing membrane you choose should move with the natural shifting of your deck, patio, balcony or flat roof. Products like epoxy are too rigid and will eventually crack, creating leaks that can cause damage to your outdoor surface. Flexstone is the ideal choice for coating and waterproofing your outdoor surfaces. Its flexibility ensures that it will move with the surface you are coating as it shifts and will not crack or break. Flexstone is also CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Center) approved. Flexstone is approved for use over living spaces, including flat roofs and roof decks. Flexstone is the best way to waterproof all your outdoor surfaces!

Durability: Thicker is often better when it comes to waterproofing membranes. Consider looking at test results for the systems you are considering to see how they handle things like tensile strength, elongation, abrasion resistance and fire resistance. It is also important to ensure the finished product is UV stable and weather resistant so it will not break down over time or require costly regular maintenance like tile and epoxy finishes. Flexstone has all of these qualities and more!

Adhesion: Not all waterproofing membranes are created equal and, therefore, will not work on every surface. Vinyl membranes like Duradeck require a one-side plywood base– if you have a concrete or standard plywood surface, vinyl membranes are not your best option. Flexstone can be applied to any surface and last for years! 

Waterproofing Ability: This quality should go without saying. Making sure the product you are using to waterproof your outdoor surfaces is actually waterproof is very important. You will also want to make sure it will stay waterproof for years to come. Flexstone is that coating. Flexstone is entirely waterproof and, as we stated above, will last for many years!

PRO Surfaces Can Install Flexstone on Your Outdoor Surfaces.

When you are looking to waterproof your outdoor surfaces, Flexstone is the best choice. It is thick, flexible, waterproof, UV stable, weather resistant, slip resistant and will adhere well to any surface. It also looks great! It comes in a variety of finishes, so it's easy to find the perfect look to match your home! At PRO Surfaces, we believe in the power of Flexstone! If you're looking for the ideal way to protect your outdoor surfaces from damage, contact us today!