Protect Your Deck for the Winter with Flexstone

Protect Your Deck for the Winter with Flexstone

We all know how harsh the Saskatchewan winters are. The frigid temperatures, high winds and heavy snow can take their toll on many things, but have you ever thought about how winter affects your deck or patio? The wood on your deck expands and contracts as temperatures rise and drop. This movement weakens the wood and can cause your deck to warp. Winter ice and moisture collect and melt into the wooden panels, making them weak. If you have a sundeck or patio and want to keep it in excellent condition, you need to consider using Flexstone. It's the best way to protect your outdoor surfaces from the cold winter weather in Saskatchewan and ensure they look like new for years to come. Read on if you want to learn more about how Flexstone can protect your deck this winter! 

How Does Flexstone Work?

Flexstone is the ideal product for protecting decks, patios, flat roofs, balconies, and more. This durable polyaspartic coating will extend your deck's lifespan and boost your property's curb appeal. Flexstone will remain flexible for the lifespan of your deck or other outdoor surfaces. Flexstone is applied with a notched trowel or gauge rake, so you know you're getting a thick coat every time. A blend of acrylic chips is applied over the base, followed by an aliphatic clear coat, creating a semi-glossy finish that doesn't fade or crack over time. Flexstone was designed and tested in Canadas harshest climates. It is fully waterproof and slip-resistant and stands up against heavy traffic. Flexstone offers homeowners a one-of-a-kind protection system for their decks and other outdoor surfaces that will last up to 30 years!

The Benefits of Flexstone.

Flexstone is a polyaspartic, long-lasting, durable coating that will protect your deck or patio for years to come. Unlike vinyl decking, it won't crack or peel away from the wood when exposed to sunlight and moisture. Flexstone is water and weatherproof so that it can handle rain and snow. Flexstone also resists stains because of its special finish. This means the stain won't stay there long, even if there's a spill on your deck. Flexstone was designed to last for years, meaning you won't have to worry about replacing it again anytime soon. It's made with a high-quality blend of polymers and pigments that ensure your decking will remain functional even after years of use. Flexstones' durability makes it ideal for decks and outdoor surfaces that see their fair share of rain and snow each year, like those in Saskatchewan!

Flexstone Will Keep Your Deck Safe all Winter.

Flexstone is the best choice for long-term protection. It's completely weatherproof, waterproof and long-lasting. Flexstone is also superior to vinyl decking since it won't crack, peel or fade. Flexstone is also highly flexible, which is crucial for the cold Saskatchewan winters. This flexibility is essential because your deck will expand and contract when the temperature changes, leaving it vulnerable to warping, cracking and shifting. Flexstones flexibility allows it to move with these shifts without cracking, which prevents water from penetrating the surface below. This flexibility and ability to hold up in the coldest temperatures will ensure your deck, patio, flat roof, driveway, or other outdoor surface stays in excellent condition for years to come!

Get Flexstone Coatings from Pro Surfaces.

Flexstone is the best outdoor surface coating available on the market. Flexstone is not only water-resistant, weatherproof and long-lasting, but it's also beautiful and easy to install. Flexstone gives you a beautiful, strong, secure coating for your outdoor surfaces in the winter. At Pro Surfaces, we found many coating products offered in Saskatchewan didn't work well for our harsh winters. That's why we started using Flexstone! Pro Surfaces is proud to offer Flexstone as an utterly waterproof coating system for balconies, patios, pool decks, and roof decks that will outlast the competition by decades. If you are looking for a superior waterproofing and coating solution, contact us today!