Is Flexstone Environmentally Friendly?

Is Flexstone Environmentally Friendly?

Being environmentally friendly in today's world is becoming more and more important as the impacts of climate change become more apparent. Nowadays, there are so many different ways you can go green, from using eco-friendly products and installing energy-efficient windows to recycling, composting, and even driving an electric vehicle. You might be wondering, what does this have to do with outdoor surface coatings? The answer is plenty! If you have been considering resurfacing your deck, balcony, garage floor, or driveway, you've probably considered a few products, but have you considered their environmental impacts? If you haven't, the experts a PRO Surfaces are here to tell you all about the environmental impact of Flexstone and why it is the best option for coating and waterproofing your outdoor surfaces! Read on to learn more! 

Does Flexstone Impact The Environment Negatively?

Not all outdoor surface coatings are created equal. If going green is your priority, you'll want to ensure the one you choose is environmentally friendly. Flexstone is that coating. Flexstone is unique among outdoor urethane coatings because it contains no solvents or VOCs. Flexstone uses water as a catalyst, meaning there are no strong odours or harsh chemicals. Flexstone is also LEED compliant. This is important when Flexstone is used to waterproof flat roofs or above other living spaces. LEED-compliant buildings use 18-39% less energy on average. You may also be eligible for tax breaks! These benefits make Flexstone ideal if you are looking for an outdoor surface coating that will help reduce your carbon footprint.

The Impact Of VOCs On The Environment

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are harmful to human health and the environment. These toxic chemicals used in other outdoor surface coatings lower air quality and can lead to health problems, such as respiratory issues. This is not an issue with Flexstone. Flexstone outdoor surface coatings are engineered to have very low VOC levels, making them better for people and the environment. This is especially important if you are using Flexstone in an area like your garage. Flexstone is the ideal coating for people who prioritize the environment and their health. 

What are the Other Benefits of Flexstone?

Aside from being eco-friendly, Flexstone has many other benefits. Flexstone provides the durability and protection homeowners need for their outdoor surfaces. Flexstone is available in different colours and finishes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your home and adding visual appeal to any of your outdoor surfaces. Flexstone can resist impact, abrasion, corrosion, and extreme weather conditions in Saskatchewan. Flexstone is also waterproof, slip resistant and UV-resistant! Flexstone coatings will last for decades, even when exposed to our hot summers and frigid winters. These benefits make Flexstone the superior choice for coating all of your outdoor surfaces! 

Get Flexstone Coatings from PRO Surfaces today!

You don't have to compromise functionality and environmental friendliness when choosing an outdoor surface coating. Flexstone coatings are ideal for all outdoor surfaces, including flat roofs, roof decks, decks, patios, pool decks, garage floors and more! With so many benefits, it's easy to see why so many homeowners choose Flexstone as their outdoor surface coating. No matter what outdoor surface you are looking to resurface, Pro Surfaces can help! With our durable and long-lasting Flexstone coatings, we can transform your outdoor surfaces into something all your neighbours will envy. If you have an outdoor surface refinishing or resurfacing project on your mind, contact us today!