How Does Flexstone Hold Up In The Saskatchewan Winters?

How Does Flexstone Hold Up In The Saskatchewan Winters?

We all know how brutal the Saskatchewan winters can be. If you've had Flexstone applied to surfaces around your home or are considering it, you probably want to know if it will hold up. We have good news! Flexstone is durable, resistant to extreme temperatures and can hold up in Saskatchewan winters. After all, Flexstone was designed with the Canadian climate in mind! If you want to know how Flexstone holds up in the Saskatchewan winters, the experts at PRO Surfaces are here to tell you! In this blog, we'll take a closer look at how well Flexstone holds up during these frigid winter months and what makes it so effective under these harsh conditions. Read on to learn more!

Flexstone Was Made For Harsh Canadian Climates.

Flexstone was designed to stand up to the harshest Canadian climates. Because of our harsh winters, Saskatchewan has been a difficult market for some outdoor coatings. Many products developed and tested in different climates often don't hold up when exposed to the extreme cold we experience (and the shovelling and salting that comes with it). Flexstone was tested in the harshest climates of Canada: ski hills. Flexstone is superior to epoxy coatings and is the only outdoor surface coating available that offers a long and functional life in high-traffic and low-temperature settings. It is resistant to cracking, chipping, peeling, and warping and can handle our extreme temperatures. Flexstone is the ideal outdoor surface coating for the Saskatchewan climate.

The Benefits of Flexstone.

Flexstone is a premium urethane coating specially formulated to withstand extreme temperatures, UV rays and chemicals. Flexstone can be applied to any surface, including concrete, wood, plywood, metal and pretty much any other surface you can think of! Flexstone offers many benefits that make it ideal for coating outdoor surfaces in Saskatchewan. Let's take a closer look at some.

  • Flexstone is Durable: Flexstone is the most durable urethane coating on the market. It's designed to last in the most challenging climates, and its performance has been tested in the coldest cities across Canada. When Flexstone is applied, it forms a waterproof barrier between the surface and the elements. This barrier prevents moisture from penetrating the surface, protecting it from damage caused by heavy traffic, water, UV rays and the elements. Flexstone is also entirely waterproof and slip-resistant! You may wonder how flexstone holds up in the winter when exposed to salt and shovelling. The short answer is: it does great! Fexstones durability allows it to be salted and shovelled without being chipped, cracked, or damaged in any way. Flexstone doesn't just work well in Saskatchewan winters; it excels.
  • Flexstone is Resistant to Extreme Temperatures: Because Flexstone was designed to stand up to extreme temperatures in Canada, it will not crack, chip or peel when the temperature drops to -40. Additionally, Flexstone is very flexible, so if the surface it is applied to shrinks and expands with the weather, it will keep its shape and not become damaged. This makes Flexstone an excellent option for outdoor applications in Saskatchewan, like patios, walkways, driveways, garage floors, front steps, decks, and flat roofs. When you want a solid but low-maintenance outdoor surface coating that can withstand Saskatchewan winters, Flexstone is the product for you.
  • Flexstone Can Be Applied in the Winter: Flexstone can be applied in the winter. Apply Flexstone in any season, and you'll still enjoy a strong and durable urethane coating that will protect your outdoor surfaces. Flexstone is applied in 2 – 4 layers depending on finish type and is always protected with a thick, impenetrable water-catalyzed urethane base coat. This is the secret to Flexstone's success in freezing temperatures, like we see in Regina and the rest of Saskatchewan. Flexstone can be applied to any surface and is an excellent option for coating all your outdoor surfaces!

PRO Surfaces Can Help You With Flexstone Applications in Saskatchewan.

    Flexstone is an excellent option for coating outdoor surfaces in Saskatchewan. As you can see, it offers many benefits that make it the ideal urethane coating product. Its durability and ability to handle Saskatchewan's harsh winter weather are easily the best benefits of Flexstone. At PRO Surfaces, we are proud to offer Flexstone for all your outdoor surface coating needs! If you want to have Felxstone applied to your driveway, garage floor, front steps, mudroom, deck or any other outdoor surface, contact us today!