Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Summer

Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Summer

Summer is approaching, which means you're probably thinking about spending more time outside. If you've been thinking of updating the look of your deck or patio or improving the safety of your pool deck, Pro Surfaces can help! We're not talking about just any old deck refinishing job—we use Flexstone to get our customers' outdoor surfaces are ready to handle even the most temperamental Saskatchewan weather.

Flexstone is an innovative urethane coating product that provides a tough and durable finish designed to withstand the rigours of the Canadian climate. Flexstone can be used on a variety of surfaces, and we offer a variety of finishes in various colours to suit every style and preference. This allows us to create an outdoor space that reflects your style without sacrificing durability and longevity. So what can Pro Surfaces do for your outdoor space with Flexstone? Read on to find out!

Flexstone is a great product to make your patio weatherproof. Flexstone is an eco-friendly, UV resistant, slip-resistant material that can stand up to the wild Saskatchewan weather. Flexstone is also waterproof and weather resistant. It can hold up from the coldest temperatures to the hottest and everything in between! Flexstone provides a long-lasting weatherproof coating solution for all of your outdoor surfaces. It will last for up to 20 years! Our installation process is quick and efficient, so you don't have to worry about lengthy interruptions to your outdoor space. Once we have completed the application, you can use your patio in 24 hours!

You can apply Flexstone over wood, concrete and many other materials, so it's an excellent choice for outdoor decks. This urethane-based coating is fully waterproof and weather-resistant, perfect for any outdoor space. The eco-friendly formula is also non-slip, which means your deck will be safe to stand on even when wet. Flexstone was initially designed for hard-impact floors at ski resorts and salt-resistant ferry decks in British Columbia. Flexstone is an incredibly durable urethane system comprised of three protective layers. This ensures it will stand up to harsh winters, torrential rains and blistering heat. It's just about as tough as anybody who lives in Saskatchewan!

A pool deck is the first thing guests see when they come into your backyard, so it should be easy on the eyes. You also need it to be safe, so a non-slip surface is essential. Flexstone is slip-resistant, has a waterproof layer and can withstand extreme temperatures. Unlike other coatings applied to pool decks and other outdoor surfaces, Flexstone can be applied directly onto any surface, including inferior coatings. This eliminates the need to remove any existing paints or coatings before applying Flexstone. This long-lasting and durable urethane coating is perfect for any pool deck that needs a new finish while maintaining safety.

Your roof deck is a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. But, if you're not correctly waterproofing your roof deck, it can quickly become unusable. If water penetrates the surface of your roof, it could cause mould growth and rot. Water penetration can also lead to issues with your roof and the structural stability of your home. We recommend using Flexstone as a waterproofing solution for your roof deck to prevent this from happening. Flexstone is an eco-friendly urethane coating that is fully waterproof and resistant to mould growth! It can also be used to waterproof flat roofs as an added benefit! Flexstone's high-performance provides long-lasting protection from the elements and is ideal for roof decks and commercial or residential roofs.

As you can see, Flexstone is a versatile material perfect for any outdoor space. Whether you're looking to refresh your pool deck, patio or deck, add some curb appeal, or create a functional space for entertaining guests, The experts at Pro Surfaces can help! Contact us today and let us create something beautiful for you!