Flexstone Applications

Deck Building Regina

Deck Building Regina

Thinking of a new deck?

If you are considering building a new deck in Regina or renovating an existing deck in Regina, consider using Prosurface's decking material. Prosurfaces decking products are longer lasting and durable, adding beauty and value to your home, sundeck or deck waterproofing project.
Compared to vinyl decking material, Prosurfaces waterproofing deck products are seamless, longer lasting than vinyl, cooler in the summer and are more durable and you will find Prosurfaces is your least expensive deck waterproof option in the long run. Our products last up to 30 years and are resistant to scuffs and are made to handle Canadian winters. Our product can be laid over top of the existing deck in most circumstances.
Prosurfaces deck material comes in a variety of colour options.

Pool Deck Surfacing Solutions

Pool Decking Surfaces

Soft, safe, durable and beautiful!

Prosurfaces offers the latest in pool decking surfaces that are impact absorbing, crack resistant, skid resistant, maintenance free and aesthetically beautiful.
We have a wide selection of colours and designs to make your pool beautiful.

Prosurface can install over most substrate materials including concrete, asphalt, stone, brick and tile!

Garage Floor Coating Solutions

Garage Flooring

Gorgeous & seamless, built to last!

Rich looking garage surfaces for your home from Prosurface.

Prosurface offers garage flooring protective surfaces for garages and driveways. We have the top flooring options of Flexstone and Polylast with a wide selection of colours. Our products are maintenance free and are seamless.

Driveway Paving Solutions

Driveway Paving Regina

The upgrade your vehicle desires!

A common question asked by many homeowners is should I replace or fix my driveway? Well, one more consideration is to resurface your driveway.

The reason for considering resurfacing your driveway is that the cost to replace your driveway can be really expensive. And while the cost of patching and fixing cracks and wholes is cost-effective in the short run, it only delays the inevitable. You also have to consider the age of the asphalt driveway. If your driveway is approaching 20 to 25 years, its probably time to re-do it. Or is it?

The alternative is driveway resurfacing by Prosurfaces. Prosurfaces has the latest in driveway resurfacing technology. More advanced then rubber resurfacing, Prosurfaces's Flexstone and Polylast products are more advanced with significant benefits.

So before spending a significant amount of money by repaving your driveway, consider resurfacing your driveway. At a fraction of the price of replacing your driveway, you can resurface it with Prosurfaces. The driveway will look completely new and be aesthetically more pleasing improving the value of your home.

This gives you a driveway that looks completely new, but at a fraction of the price, and unless there are issues with the foundation, the cracks and pits that you are covering up won't return for some time.

Sidewalk Walkway Coating Solutions

Walkway & Sidewalks

It's time to step it up!

Concrete sidewalks and walkways need to be protected to prevent damage from moisture penetration. Moisture that penetrates concrete can rust rebar and cause heaving during the thawing cycle. Prosurfaces products help protect that concrete and improve the look of your home's walkways and sidewalks.

Parking Lot Coating Solutions

Driveway & Parking Lot Surfacing

Parking will never be the same!

Driveway and parking lot re-surfacing and general concrete waterproofing are made easy with Prosurfaces. Our solvent-free base-coat is odourless and can be applied without the use of gas-masks. Additionally, the durability of Flexstone withstands vehicular traffic for decades.

The waterproofing capabilities and inherent flexibility of Prosurfaces products allow the membrane to move with the shifting of the building’s foundation, ensuring that water will not be able to penetrate the surface and cause damage/rust the supporting re-bar.

Prosurfaces products work great on driveways, residential garage floors, show-rooms, industrial floors and more.

Competitively priced, the toughest membrane on today’s market is the best choice for your waterproofing surface needs.

Flat Roofing Coatings

Flat Roofing / Roof-Deck Conversions

It's time to raise the quality of your roof!

Flat roofs have several pitfalls in damp or cold climates. Exposed seams that are prone to opening and tar & gravel will eventually dry and crack. Prosurface's products are on a list of permitted membranes for flat roofs and decks. The seamless coating thick, flexible, and uniform 100% waterproof bond is resistant to below-freezing temperatures. Many homeowners are now converting their flat roof to fully functional roof-decks with ease using Prosurface's products.
Home & building owners are no longer restricted to roof-deck conversions that require heavy and expensive concrete pavers to be installed.

Trailer Floor Coating

Trailer Flooring

Live life to the extreme with durability!

When you buy a trailer for sports mobiles, you want it to hold up through the years. However, exposure to the elements can cause wear and tear, shorting the trailers' useful life. Trailers see everything from mud, snow, water to small rocks, which cause deterioration of your trailer's flooring.
However, Prosurfaces has come up with the best solution in the market place today. Flexstone provides a durable surface that lasts for up to 30 years. Our product is made from polyurethane. It has been used for years for decking and waterproofing for years because of its numerous advantages:
• Durability: Prosurfaces’s Flexstone product is made durable so that heavy transport ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles and other toys do not damage the flooring. The material has a 30-year warranty proving its durability.
• Loudness: Flexstone flooring absorbs noise making your trailer quieter.
• Look: Flexstone comes in a variety of colours and designs.
• Water resistance: As mention, water can cause significant issues for trailer flooring. Having the best water-resistant product in the market place today is critical for ensuring longevity. If this type of flooring, you wouldn’t have to worry about mould or milder rotting your floor.
• Cost: While there is a cost to protect your investment, this cost can be considered an investment. Not only will lengthen the use of your trailer, but it will also improve the resale of your trailer.
• Low maintenance: Flexstone flooring is the lowest maintenance flooring. It is incredibly durable and is extremely difficult to tear. However, in the unlikely event, there is a tear, there is no need to replace the entire flooring, fix the spot that has been damaged
• Chemical resistance: Flexstone trailer flooring is resistant against chemical spills such as oils, gas or any other chemicals.
• Insulation: Flexstone provides a level of installation for your trailer.
• Slip resistance: With all that snow or water, its nice to know that Flexstone is slip-resistant.

Sundeck Coating Solutions

Sundeck Coating

Spend time on your sundeck without flaws!

Prosurface Coatings are predominantly used for sun deck surfacing and restorations. The CCMC approved coatings are ideal for decks, walkways, and more. Prosurface’s superior seamless luxurious finishes provide attractive and rational solutions to your waterproofing and exterior design problems. Our products are superior to vinyl and fibreglass makers for several reasons including seamless and durability factors. Considering the price is relatively the same, consumers are wise to take a look at Prosurface's solutions.
And don't worry about the surface that we apply our products to. Prosurface is applicable over a range of different surfaces including plywood, concrete, and existing fiberglass/vinyl decking.

Of course, Prosurface is also fully CCMC approved and boasts unrivalled durability. It’s ability to effectively withstand Canada’s harshest climates makes Prosurface the decisive front-runner in the sundeck waterproofing market.

Finally, Prosurface has a wide selection of colors and textures. There’s an appearance to suit any sundeck design scheme.

Flexstone Coating Solutions Project

Major Projects

We work on the biggest projects too!

Prosurfaces's Flexstone product has been most heavily relied upon for restoration work on single-family homes. We built our business around our product’s strengths; being it’s durability, excellent adhesive properties, and great looking seamless appearance. Today, with full CCMC approvals, exciting new markets are opening up for Prosurfaces.
The new home construction market is the most significant of these, as most construction products have a multitude of decks. Our CCMC approvals rigorous engineer home inspections required of a flat-roofing membrane.
Prosurfaces offers the latest in surface products and solutions including Flexstone and Polylast products. These products are superior to competing waterproofing methods that involve a glued down rolled-out product (vinyl decking) or torched-down membrane (torch-on SBS) as seams are no existent and therefore there is no chance of leakage as time goes on.
Prosurfaces applications process, superior appearance, seamless finish, and unrivalled durability make it an obvious choice for most developers’ sundecks and flat-roof decks (many of which have already made the transition).