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About PRO Surfaces Decks

Founded in 2012, we have proudly delivered the highest quality of products across Saskatchewan for almost a decade. 

Our Story

We found that many products offered in Saskatchewan didn't work well for our harsh weather—or that just didn’t work the way they should. One of these issues was wood and vinyl decking—so when we discovered Flexstone, a urethane product that was built to withstand the harsh conditions of ski resorts— we brought it to Regina and started Pro Surfaces, the company still proudly runs today. It wasn’t long before we came across another common issue Regina’s residents face: cracking pavement or concrete driveways, patios, and walkways due to ground shifting. Pro Surfaces grew again and began to offer an outstanding rubber paving product in 2016. 


To drive deliberate and intelligent growth across Canada, by providing outstanding customer experiences and products; and to build a culture focused on opportunity and fuelled by a commitment to continual improvement.


Being leaders and building leaders in our company, industry, and community.

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